Pittsburgh Lawyers Handling Guardianships

When possible, it is better to set up guardianships for minors and vulnerable adults ahead of time. However, if your family is in an emergency situation, we have the experience to help you seek or contest a guardianship in Pennsylvania.

The guardianship attorneys at Beroes Law Center can represent you in matters involving emergency guardianships, guardianships for adult special needs children, guardianship of minor children, and guardianship of incapacitated or elderly adults. With our estate planning and Orphan's Court experience, we can explain the guardianship process and assist you in obtaining or contesting guardianship. Please call our Pittsburgh office at 412-339-2499 to schedule a consultation.

You Can Protect Vulnerable Adults And Children

A guardianship grants another party temporary or permanent protection of a ward (vulnerable adult or minor child). This generally includes the power to make financial and legal decisions as well as health care decisions.

We can assist you with the following guardianships:

  • Adults can be incapacitated by illness, dementia or injury. If they do not have financial and health care powers of attorney set up, a guardianship will be necessary to care for them.
  • Parents of special needs children must obtain legal guardianship of their children so they can continue to care for them when they become 18 or 21, depending on the circumstances. Without a guardianship, parents will be unable to make financial, legal and/or healthcare decisions for their child.
  • Minor children whose parents die without a will or who temporarily lose parents to jail, illness, or substance abuse will need legal guardians to make decisions for them. We can help adult family members or close friends obtain legal guardianship of minor children in these situations.

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