Protecting Your Rights And Interests In Divorce Cases

No attorney can promise that your divorce will be easy, but we can help you get through the process in a way that is less stressful. With a knowledgeable, supportive lawyer on your side, you will have an advocate who protects your rights while providing the support you need.

At Beroes Law Center, we are skilled litigators who are not afraid to take your case to court. Family law attorneys  Elizabeth Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes and John F. Morris have the knowledge and experience to protect you at trial. However, we know that aggressive, in-court litigation is not always the best method of resolution for every client.

As a result, we can also resolve divorce matters through negotiation or mediation as these methods often result in less anxiety and expense. We represent clients throughout Allegheny County and the surrounding area. Please call our Pittsburgh office at 412-339-2499 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced divorce lawyers.

We Will Assist You With Property Division And Spousal Support

When an uncontested divorce is filed in Pennsylvania, the parties must separate for 90 days before the divorce can proceed. If one party contests the divorce, the other party must wait for a two-year period of living separate and apart from his or her spouse prior to proceeding to court for a final resolution. After two years, the court will grant a divorce decree and final division of property, if these claims have been raised.

Pennsylvania family court strives for an equitable division of the marital estate. In divorce, equitable means "fair," not necessarily 50-50. Marital assets may include real estate, vehicles, personal property, bank accounts, insurance, retirement savings and investments. Debts such as mortgages, car loans, credit card debt and taxes must also be divided.

Spousal support may be awarded based on the financial circumstances and earning ability of each party. It may be granted to one party while the couple is separated but before the divorce has been filed. Alimony pendente lite (APL) may be granted after the divorce is filed. When the divorce is finalized and the marital estate has been divided, the court may award alimony if one party needs it. In many cases, it is granted as temporary or rehabilitative alimony.

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