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Challenges related to unpaid child support

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Child Support

Many different legal issues arise for those who end their marriage, especially if they have children. Custody disputes can be very difficult, but child support can lead to ongoing problems if a parent is unable to pay what they owe or refuses to make payments on time. Daily life can be challenging for a custodial parent who may be unable to buy clothes or school supplies for their child. However, there are also a number of consequences non-custodial parents may run into, which highlights how crucial it is to avoid this predicament in the first place.

When a parent falls behind on their child support responsibilities, they could have their wages garnished or be taken into custody and spend time behind bars. However, there are many other ramifications associated with the failure to pay child support. For example, a person’s tax refund could be intercepted partially or entirely, leading to additional financial strain. Moreover, someone who owes enough unpaid child support may not even be able to receive a passport in the U.S., which could disrupt their plans to travel overseas for business or leisure.

These are just some of the consequences associated with unpaid child support and parents on both sides may experience high stress levels. It is crucial for parents to focus on their child’s best interests when it comes to these matters and try to work towards a healthy outcome for all parties. Head over to our custody and support section for a closer look at matters regarding child support payments.

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