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How can I better discipline my child after a divorce?

For divorced parents with shared custody in Pittsburgh, child-rearing issues can be tough to navigate. This is especially true when it comes to disciplinary practices, which is often made more complex by parents who are at odds. It’s is possible to discipline your child effectively however, as illustrated by

Don’t speak negatively about your ex

Your personal feelings about your ex and your feelings about his or her child-rearing capabilities should be kept separate. That means you shouldn’t speak negatively about your former partner, especially in front of your children. If you have an issue with your ex’s decisions when it comes to your kids, be sure to address him or her directly. Otherwise, maintain your rules in your own home and refrain from giving your unadulterated opinion to your kids.

Don’t be too strict to make up for the other parent

In the same token, don’t make rules ultra-strict to overcompensate for the freewheeling experience at the other parent’s house. Rules should be reasonable for your kids. Anything too over the top could impact your relationship with them, while also painting your ex in a more favorable light. Conversely, don’t be lax on the rules just because your ex is super strict.

Don’t neglect teamwork

In most cases, it takes two to parent effectively. When there are issues, work with your former spouse to come to some kind of agreement on how to successfully manage them. While this can be tough, particularly when relations between you are contentious, it’s crucial for the proper development of your child.

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