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Anxiety disorder and the risk of divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2018 | Divorce

Every day, people struggle with debilitating anxiety that adversely impacts their life. Someone who is suffering because of an anxiety disorder may face challenges at their place of work and they may also run into problems in social situations. Moreover, they may have a hard time with their friends and family members and anxiety can even increase the likelihood of a marriage failing. If you are struggling with anxiety, or your spouse suffers from this condition, counseling may be helpful. However, there are times when divorce is unavoidable, in which case it is pivotal to prepare carefully.

Someone who has an anxiety disorder may no longer wish to be married as a result of their condition. For example, there may be various reasons why they find their marriage to be too difficult to handle. On the other hand, someone married to a person with an anxiety disorder may become frustrated and this condition can cause a married couple to grow apart, ultimately leading to a divorce. For someone who struggles with anxiety, divorce can be particularly difficult because of the different stressors that often arise before, during and even after a divorce. As a result, preparation is critical.

You should try to go over the different family law topics that you will have to deal with during your divorce. If you have kids, you may want to review custody and child support laws, for example. You should also think about the possible financial implications of ending your marriage and take steps to make your divorce easier.

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