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Paying child support after losing your job

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2019 | Child Support

We have covered some of the different hardships that non-custodial parents face with respect to child support payments, from the denial of passport privileges to some of the unique circumstances parents find themselves in. For some people, paying child support can be especially difficult. For example, a parent who has lost their job may have a very hard time making payments, or they may not even be able to pay their child support at all. If your job has recently been terminated, or you fear that you will be out of work soon, it is crucial to go over your options.

Whether you were hired for a seasonal position or you have been working somewhere for many years and your job was terminated unexpectedly, finding yourself out of work can be tough, especially if you have to pay child support. However, it is vital to make sure that you continue to pay child support even though your job has been cut. After all, failing to do so can lead to many harsh consequences that further complicate your life.

Many parents wonder how they can continue paying child support after dealing with the loss of a job or some other financial hardship, such as problems due to a medical crisis. For some, modifying their child support order is an option and this has helped keep many parents from falling behind. If significant financial changes have recently upended your life, you may want to look into modifying your child support order and other options.

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