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Can my marriage be saved?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2019 | Divorce

Most married couples in Pittsburgh will experience problems during the course of their relationship. However, some problems point to a higher chance of divorce, and being able to recognize the signs is crucial so you can take the proper steps. PsychCentral.com explains some of the common signs that a marriage may be headed towards divorce. 

Fights are common between married couples, but how you fight with your spouse can be an indicator of the health of your union. If you’re able to work through problems and reach a resolution that satisfies both of you, chances are your marriage can be saved. However, if one or both of you respond defensively, or constantly plays the victim when faced with issues, divorce may be imminent. It’s hard to reach common ground when you’re unable to communicate effectively, which is at the heart of all healthy relationships. 

Stonewalling is another serious communication issue. Constant fights can be daunting, but shutting your partner out means there is no hope for reconciliation. A partner who stonewalls may also provide short, curt answers, or flee the situation when an argument becomes intense. A healthier alternative is to tell your partner that you’re overwhelmed and that you need some time to cool down. Once that occurs, resume the conversation in a healthy and constructive manner. 

It’s absolutely normal to find fault with some aspects of your partner’s behavior. What’s damaging when you attack the person instead of citing issues with their behavior. It’s hard to have a constructive discussion when being attacked, and many people respond defensively, which simply keeps the cycle going. In a loving marriage, you should constantly work to build your partner up instead of tearing him or her down. If you’re unable to do so, it may be time to discuss your options with a divorce lawyer.