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October 2019 Archives

Could divorce be a smart financial decision?

Some Pennsylvania couples may be happy together and still in a loving relationship, but they may be prompted to consider divorce due to the financial implications of remaining married. While some reports indicate that ultra-wealthy couples may gain some tax benefits from being single, the amounts involved are usually far too small to offset the expenses and complications of divorce. However, for people of more modest means, the proposal of strategic divorce can seem a more reasonable idea.

Advance directives and health care decisions

Estate planning allows individuals to make end-of-life decisions ahead of time by creating wills and advanced directives. While a will generally includes information on funeral arrangements, inheritances and guardianship of minor children, an advance directive focuses on health care. By creating an advance directive, Pennsylvania residents may make their health care preferences known in writing. If an injury or illness leads to incapacitation, medical personnel and family members may follow the instructions in the advance directive to approve or decline certain treatments.

What if a trustee takes money from a trust?

When a person creates a trust, they may pick another person to act as a trustee and oversee that trust. That person is not the beneficiary. Instead, they work to administer the trust. Their goal is to work for the beneficiary, in a sense, within the rules of the trust itself.

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