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Tips to successfully co-parent with a narcissist

Divorced parents in Pennsylvania will have to make decisions about how their children will be raised. Co-parenting is often done when a couple shares custody of the kids. Unfortunately, challenges can arise when one of the parents is a narcissist or toxic person.

A toxic ex could make the other parent feel a variety of negative emotions. The best thing they can do is focus on good parenting even though it means they have to put up with some painful conflict. Boundaries will need to be set if an ex challenges a person's resolve.

Co-parents who are having trouble getting along may want to limit communication. They could even use a parenting portal or email as opposed to speaking in person. This can help to avoid arguments and misunderstandings. It also keeps all communication documented, which may be needed in a future legal setting.

Successfully co-parenting with a toxic person often requires not engaging the individual. When a toxic ex-spouse purposely says or does things to anger the other co-parent, it may be better to walk away and respond at a later time. Instead of reacting in the moment, a person can discuss the way they feel with a friend or sleep on how they will respond before talking with the ex-spouse. In some cases, it may not even be necessary to respond, especially if it has nothing to do with parenting the children.

Filing a court order may be necessary when a toxic ex-spouse consistently crosses boundaries or fails to follow through with agreements. Some have decided to speak with an attorney. Legal counsel could provide information about changing child custody arrangements after a divorce.

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