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Is Shared Physical custody the right option for your family?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Child Custody

When parents in Pennsylvania get divorced or separate, they’ll need to decide how each parent will see their children. If you and your ex-partner are trying to solve this problem, Shared Physical custody could be a good solution. Here’s more information about shared physical custody and why it’s beneficial.

What is shared physical custody?

Under a shared physical custody arrangement, each parent gets to spend an equal amount of time with their children. Typically, this type of arrangement gets calculated by the number of overnights the children spend with each parent per month. On average, shared physical custody means that each parent will spend about 182 or 183 overnights with their children each year. Common Shared Physical custody schedules are 5-2-2-5, where the weekends are alternated between each parent and one parent spends every Monday and Tuesday overnight and the other parent spends every Wednesday and Thursday overnight with their children; or, a 4-3-3-4, where one parent spends four (4) overnights, then the other parent three (3), and so on.

Ultimately , a shared physical custody arrangement would require the parents to continue to reside near each other and or in the same school district post-divorce and separation.

The benefits of a Shared Physical custody arrangement

Now that you understand what shared physical custody is, it’s also important to learn why it’s so beneficial. The first benefit of shared physical custody is that children get to spend equal amounts of time with their parents. This type of arrangement is great for children that don’t want either of their parents to feel left out post-divorce or separation.

Another benefit of shared physical custody is that it gives adults equal time to be parents and take care of their own needs. It’s also helpful for avoiding child custody issues that can arise when a parent feels left out of their child’s life.

The third benefit of shared physical custody is that it usually improves the living standards of a child. Instead of spending all of their time with one parent, a child gets to enjoy a varied upbringing that comes from being around two households. And, assuming there are no risks of harm to the children, these benefits are some of the reasons Pennsylvania favors a shared physical custody arrangement.

As you can see, shared physical custody is often a solution for parents that want equal time with their children. If you need more help with custody arrangements, consider contacting a family law attorney.