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What are your rights to adopt as an LGBTQ couple?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Adoption

Same sex couples in Pennsylvania may want to have a family just like any other couple. There are certain legal challenges when LGBTQ couples want to adopt a child. It’s important to know your rights and how both you and your significant other can become parents through adoption.

What is second parent adoption?

Same sex adoption doesn’t only apply to both members of a couple adopting a child who needs a loving home. Sometimes, one person in the couple may already have their own biological or adoptive child. In Pennsylvania, there is no legal reason why same sex couples cannot adopt. As a result, with second parent adoption, the person who is not the biological or adoptive parent can petition to legally adopt their partner’s child.

What is joint adoption?

With joint adoption, both members of a same sex couple can petition to adopt a child. Whether the couple is legally married, in a civil union or in a domestic partnership, same sex adoption can be done.

Marriage equality for LGBTQ couples became legal within the state in 2014. As a result, same sex couples can legally adopt a child jointly. Unmarried couples who are not in a legal partnership can also adopt. Learning as much as possible about the laws regarding adoption can help.

If you and your partner have decided you want to start a family and adopt a child, learn what your rights are so you can accomplish it.

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