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An LGBT divorce includes reassuring any children who are involved

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Same-Sex Matters

Deciding to adopt a child as an LGBT couple living in Pennsylvania is a significant responsibility. Immediately, you’ll be offering security and trust. Unfortunately, if your relationship deteriorates and you decide to get a divorce, it will likely impact your adopted child negatively. Doing all you can to reassure your child that they are cared for by both parents is vital.

Avoiding feelings of abandonment is essential

The ability for LGBT couples to adopt children has increased the number of kids who become part of a family unit. If you’re in this position, you know how essential it is to provide your adopted child with a loving environment. In many cases, they may have already dealt with abandonment issues associated with their biological parents. Splitting the family unit once again may bring out any repressed feelings they currently have.

Divorce can impact your adopted child negatively

In the last two decades, the divorce rate has fallen, which is an excellent sign that more couples are succeeding with being married. However, not every LGBT marriage can work out this way. When you are dealing with a divorce and have children, it can be detrimental to them. If you are going through the divorce process, it’s crucial to reassure your child that they are loved by both parents.

Reassuring your child should help ease the feelings of confusion, anger, grief, and fear your child may be experiencing if you have decided to get a divorce. Explaining that you and your current spouse’s love for your child will not change is important. Keeping an open line of communication should help through this matter, especially when you are dealing with child custody issues.

Doing all you can to reassure your child through a divorce can be instrumental in helping them cope with the situation.

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