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Under what circumstances may a custody order be modified?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Child Custody

It is important that child custody orders match the needs of children and the abilities of parents. When parents and kids cannot function under the structures of their existing child custody orders, those orders may be eligible for modifications. In Pennsylvania, parents generally must go to court to have their custody orders changed.

Best interests of the children

Of primary concern when matters of custody are up for discussion is the best interests of the child or children who will be impacted by the change. If a proposed modification may negatively affect a child, it may be more difficult to implement. Child custody modification requests that support the needs and interests of kids can be considered for execution.

Reasons to modify

There are many reasons that child custody orders may be subject to modification hearings. One reason that can require changes to an order is the necessary relocation of a parent. If a parent must move, they may not be able to be with their child on the schedule stipulated in their order.

Similarly, a parent may need to change their custody order if they experience an alteration in their schedule. If their work hours change, or if they move into a larger or smaller home, they may be more or less able to provide care for their children. In the end, requests to change custody plans will be reviewed in light of the best interests of the children.

Modifications to child custody orders are possible. Parents do not have to pursue their requests alone and can seek support from family law attorneys in their communities.

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