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How women may protect their finances in a divorce

Some women in Pennsylvania who are going through a divorce run a higher risk of financial problems than men who divorce. Working women tend to have a drop in income after divorce while the income of divorced men tends to rise. Women are also at a greater risk of poverty following divorce.

Could divorce be a smart financial decision?

Some Pennsylvania couples may be happy together and still in a loving relationship, but they may be prompted to consider divorce due to the financial implications of remaining married. While some reports indicate that ultra-wealthy couples may gain some tax benefits from being single, the amounts involved are usually far too small to offset the expenses and complications of divorce. However, for people of more modest means, the proposal of strategic divorce can seem a more reasonable idea.

You may need a financial advisor during your divorce

Some couples in Pennsylvania divorce with high assets and some with high debts. Whichever of these two financial situations are true of a divorcing couple, they may need to consider working with a financial advisor. In fact, MarketWatch recommends “breaking up” with the financial advisor used as a couple. Each individual may need to hire their own.

How to protect assets in a divorce without being selfish

When couples go through a divorce in Pennsylvania, it is natural for people to begin to start grasping at assets in the relationship. The longer a couple lived together and remained married, the more assets they accumulate together. If one person made significantly more than the other, then this can also create a complicated situation when it is time to divide up the spoils.

Can my marriage be saved?

Most married couples in Pittsburgh will experience problems during the course of their relationship. However, some problems point to a higher chance of divorce, and being able to recognize the signs is crucial so you can take the proper steps. explains some of the common signs that a marriage may be headed towards divorce. 

What to know about filing taxes after divorce

While virtually all Pennsylvania taxpayers will find that changes are in store when it comes to filing their taxes this time around, Pennsylvania residents who divorce in 2019 or later will likely notice additional variations in the way they file. At Beroes Law Center, we are well-versed in how recent tax law changes are affecting divorced and divorcing couples, and we have helped many clients navigate these and numerous other divorce-related issues.

Splitting up with a spouse living overseas

When it comes to divorce, there are different circumstances surrounding every couple’s situation. Some couples work together and amicably split up through mediation, others become involved in an extremely contentious and bitter divorce that drags out in the courtroom. For some people, divorce can be especially tricky. For example, someone may have a marital partner who is living in another country, and this may give rise to all sorts of questions. If your spouse is living overseas, it is pivotal to approach divorce carefully.

Anxiety disorder and the risk of divorce

Every day, people struggle with debilitating anxiety that adversely impacts their life. Someone who is suffering because of an anxiety disorder may face challenges at their place of work and they may also run into problems in social situations. Moreover, they may have a hard time with their friends and family members and anxiety can even increase the likelihood of a marriage failing. If you are struggling with anxiety, or your spouse suffers from this condition, counseling may be helpful. However, there are times when divorce is unavoidable, in which case it is pivotal to prepare carefully.

How many divorces take place each year?

If you are thinking about the idea of divorce, you may be worried about how your life and your loved ones will be affected by this decision. Moreover, you may feel alone, or you could be struggling with the emotional side of this major life change. You should not feel alone, however, since many couples do decide to end their marriages every year. There are many reasons why marriages fall apart, and nobody should stay in a marriage that is toxic or put their life on hold when things are not working out with their spouse.

Divorce and spouse cooperation

Many different considerations arise when someone decides that it is time to bring their marriage to an end. For example, they may worry about the impact it will have on their kids or the financial side of things (alimony, child support, etc.). Each divorce is unique, and some people face issues involving their spouse’s ability to cooperate. For example, some couples can work together and end their marriage amicably, while others may have an incredibly difficult time and their husband or wife may want to do everything in their power to prevent the divorce.

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