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Drug addiction and divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Divorce

There are all sorts of factors to consider with respect to divorce, from challenges that couples face in the early stages of the process to post-divorce legal complications involving children or payments. For some couples, drug addiction is an especially difficult matter that impacts their divorce in different ways. Not only can drug addiction lead to divorce in the first place, but it can create challenges in court and after a divorce is finalized as well.

Drug addiction can be an incredibly difficult habit for people to deal with and for some, such as parents, it can be particularly tough. Whether you do not want your child around his or her other parent due to their drug use or you are struggling with an addiction and are worried about losing the ability to see your child, it is important to work toward a favorable outcome that serves your child’s best interests if you are in the middle of a custody dispute. From drug treatment to going over all of your legal options, there are different steps you may want to take.

Drugs can also become problematic for someone who experiences deep depression following their divorce, which highlights how crucial it is to handle these feelings properly and take steps to make the divorce process easier. Our law office knows how incredibly challenging these issues can be for people who have decided that ending a marriage is necessary and our page on family law covers more legal issues related to the divorce process.

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