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Does divorce impact my credit score?

A divorce involves a complete upheaval of your financial life since you are transitioning from having two incomes to one. In fact, the divorce code views a divorce primarily as a “financial break-up.” One of your biggest concerns as you move forward into your newly...

Is divorce mediation right for you?

Deciding to divorce is the first step. Once you begin the divorce process in Pennsylvania, you will have many more decisions to make, and some can be incredibly complex. One of the most complicated aspects of any divorce involves property and financial matters. You...

Tips for preparing for divorce negotiations

Going through the divorce process can be enormously stressful. You might be afraid of what your finances will look like post-marriage dissolution, how much time you’ll be able to spend with your children, and how the most intimate details of your marriage are going to...

What if my name is the only name on the mortgage?

It's not unusual for a Pennsylvania married couple to have the mortgage for the family home in the name of just one of the spouses. For instance, one spouse might have owned the home before the marriage. In another fairly common scenario, one spouse has bad credit,...

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