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What to know about filing taxes after divorce

While virtually all Pennsylvania taxpayers will find that changes are in store when it comes to filing their taxes this time around, Pennsylvania residents who divorce in 2019 or later will likely notice additional variations in the way they file. At Beroes Law Center, we are well-versed in how recent tax law changes are affecting divorced and divorcing couples, and we have helped many clients navigate these and numerous other divorce-related issues.

According to Fox Business, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will significantly impact how alimony payments come into play during tax time moving forward. Before, the spouse who had a higher income could deduct the amount he or she paid in alimony on his or her taxes, while the spouse who was getting alimony would report the income.

Splitting up with a spouse living overseas

When it comes to divorce, there are different circumstances surrounding every couple’s situation. Some couples work together and amicably split up through mediation, others become involved in an extremely contentious and bitter divorce that drags out in the courtroom. For some people, divorce can be especially tricky. For example, someone may have a marital partner who is living in another country, and this may give rise to all sorts of questions. If your spouse is living overseas, it is pivotal to approach divorce carefully.

There are multiple reasons why people find themselves in this position. For example, someone may have moved to the U.S. from another country and they may decide to return to their homeland when a relationship breaks down. Or, someone may move to another country as a result of a job opportunity, and this may even be the reason for a couple’s divorce.

Paying child support after losing your job

We have covered some of the different hardships that non-custodial parents face with respect to child support payments, from the denial of passport privileges to some of the unique circumstances parents find themselves in. For some people, paying child support can be especially difficult. For example, a parent who has lost their job may have a very hard time making payments, or they may not even be able to pay their child support at all. If your job has recently been terminated, or you fear that you will be out of work soon, it is crucial to go over your options.

Whether you were hired for a seasonal position or you have been working somewhere for many years and your job was terminated unexpectedly, finding yourself out of work can be tough, especially if you have to pay child support. However, it is vital to make sure that you continue to pay child support even though your job has been cut. After all, failing to do so can lead to many harsh consequences that further complicate your life.

Should you name a beneficiary for your life insurance?

Part of your estate is a significant life insurance policy. You want to make sure that your heirs are taken care of, and this is one way to do it. You've been paying into the policy for years.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to set things up is simply to name a beneficiary for the policy. When you pass away, the money goes directly to that person. Other options, such as using a trust, can be a bit more complex.

Divorce and power of attorney

Often, people decide to set up a power of attorney during their marriage. This can help provide peace of mind by allowing spouses to handle each other’s affairs in the event that one becomes incapacitated for some reason. However, things change, and some people may find that their relationship has fallen apart. When this happens, it may be necessary for some people to take a second look at various matters such as their power of attorney. After all, failing to do so could allow an ex to have access to assets as well as financial accounts, which can be particularly concerning in the wake of a bitter divorce.

Many people need to revoke their power of attorney after their marriage comes to an end, so if you have granted these powers to your ex it is important to look into the process of revocation. Moreover, you may want to designate a new person who will have this responsibility and it may also be necessary to provide your former marital partner with notification that the power of attorney has been revoked.

Anxiety disorder and the risk of divorce

Every day, people struggle with debilitating anxiety that adversely impacts their life. Someone who is suffering because of an anxiety disorder may face challenges at their place of work and they may also run into problems in social situations. Moreover, they may have a hard time with their friends and family members and anxiety can even increase the likelihood of a marriage failing. If you are struggling with anxiety, or your spouse suffers from this condition, counseling may be helpful. However, there are times when divorce is unavoidable, in which case it is pivotal to prepare carefully.

Someone who has an anxiety disorder may no longer wish to be married as a result of their condition. For example, there may be various reasons why they find their marriage to be too difficult to handle. On the other hand, someone married to a person with an anxiety disorder may become frustrated and this condition can cause a married couple to grow apart, ultimately leading to a divorce. For someone who struggles with anxiety, divorce can be particularly difficult because of the different stressors that often arise before, during and even after a divorce. As a result, preparation is critical.

How many divorces take place each year?

If you are thinking about the idea of divorce, you may be worried about how your life and your loved ones will be affected by this decision. Moreover, you may feel alone, or you could be struggling with the emotional side of this major life change. You should not feel alone, however, since many couples do decide to end their marriages every year. There are many reasons why marriages fall apart, and nobody should stay in a marriage that is toxic or put their life on hold when things are not working out with their spouse.

According to data that has been provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were over 827,000 couples who filed for divorce in 2016 out of 44 states and the District of Columbia. During the same year, more than 2.2 million couples were also married in these states, many of whom will ultimately decide to bring the marriage to an end as well.

How age can impact a custody case

When it comes to custody, many factors can have an effect on which parent is awarded custody and whether custody will be shared. It is pivotal for parents to be aware of these issues so that they can brace themselves for a custody decision and take steps to protect their children. One factor that can be overlooked is age, and there are a variety of ways in which the age of children can play a role in the way in which custody is set up.

When children reach a certain age, they may be interviewed by the judge about their wishes and some children are even able to choose which parent they want to live with once they turn 14 or 17, depending on the laws of a particular state. It is crucial to remember that these laws vary, so you should look up where your state stands on this matter.

How can I better discipline my child after a divorce?

For divorced parents with shared custody in Pittsburgh, child-rearing issues can be tough to navigate. This is especially true when it comes to disciplinary practices, which is often made more complex by parents who are at odds. It’s is possible to discipline your child effectively however, as illustrated by

Don’t speak negatively about your ex

Does your divorce involve your spouse’s business?

Choosing to end your marriage is rarely a simple decision, even when both of you understand that it is time to move on. Depending on how long your marriage persists, you and your spouse may have acquired many assets and liabilities: Reaching a fair settlement is no easy task. This is particularly true if your spouse owns a business.

Like real estate, personal vehicles and savings accounts, businesses typically qualify as marital property, in the absence of a prenuptial agreement specifically setting it aside. As you negotiate over how to divide your property, make sure you have a clear understanding of the value of the business and any claim you may have on it.

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