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Estate Planning

Giving to charity in your estate plan

When many people are planning their Last Will and estate, their main goal is to ensure that they pass on wealth and sentimental assets to their family members. This can certainly be a worthy goal, but it isn't necessarily the only use or purpose for estate planning....

Can I have my old will back?

Your will is an important piece of your estate plan. Executing a will takes time, thought and effort, and once it is in place, you can feel secure knowing your assets will go to the people you want. Sometimes life circumstances cause you to change the terms of your...

When is it time to modify an estate plan?

After you set up your estate plan, you may think you are done. A will may be meant to reflect your final wishes, but life changes over time and your estate plan should too. Milestones Estate plans should be subject to regular reviews to ensure they are current and...

What should I put in my living trust?

Pennsylvania residents who choose to set up a living trust may have many questions about what assets should be placed into the trust. The main purpose of a living trust is typically to prevent the assets in the trust from going through the probate process after you...

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