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Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, Shanice Williams

Preparing an estate plan with your small business in mind

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Estate Planning

Your effort to begin planning your estate long before you ever anticipate needing its implementation is crucial to your financial health. An estate plan that you have carefully crafted to meet your lifestyle and personal desires can be equally as beneficial to your surviving family members. At Beroes Law Center, we are experienced in helping people in Pennsylvania with many different backgrounds to develop an optimal plan for their future. 

While there are a host of interesting dynamics that could influence your decisions as you begin planning your estate, one factor would be if you own a business. Because operating a business will require a significant amount of money and probably contains a healthy portion of your assets, it must be accounted for when planning for your future. Understanding your company’s role and influence as you plan your estate can help you to make confident decisions that will provide long-term security for you and your family. 

According to Entrepreneur, one important aspect to take into consideration is the impact that risky liabilities will have on your remaining family members upon your death. As such, take active efforts to reduce unnecessary liability. One way that you can do this is by implementing contracts designed to hold the people you work with accountable for their actions. It is also critical that you understand what practices compose your company’s management style and organizational structure so you can make appropriate decisions while estate planning. 

When you see how owning a business currently affects you and will impact your future, you can incorporate appropriate decisions into your efforts to get your affairs in order. For more information about planning your estate, visit our web page.