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Month: May 2023

Giving to charity in your estate plan

When many people are planning their Last Will and estate, their main goal is to ensure that they pass on wealth and sentimental assets to their family members. This can certainly be a worthy goal, but it isn't necessarily the only use or purpose for estate planning....

Does divorce impact my credit score?

A divorce involves a complete upheaval of your financial life since you are transitioning from having two incomes to one. In fact, the divorce code views a divorce primarily as a “financial break-up.” One of your biggest concerns as you move forward into your newly...

Can Pennsylvania same-sex couples adopt?

If you are a same-sex couple in our state and you want to start or expand your family through adoption, you may have some questions about the process and the legal requirements. There are two main types of adoption for same-sex couples in Pennsylvania: third-party...

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