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We Are An Inclusive Team. Call Us Instead Of Worrying.

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Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, Shanice Williams

Protect Your Real Estate Rights During Your Pennsylvania Divorce

Dividing real estate holdings can be one of the most intricate and contentious processes in a divorce. Whether it’s the family home, rental property or commercial real estate, it can be difficult to determine what a “fair split” looks like.

Since our founding in 1992, the attorneys at Beroes Law Center have helped our Pittsburgh clients navigate complex issues related to divorce and property division, including the disposition of their real estate.

What Makes Dividing Real Estate In Divorce So Complicated?

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, so the law focuses on dividing marital assets fairly, not necessarily equally. This can be complicated by:

  • The lack of premarital agreements: A spouse may have an ownership interest even in a property that is not in their name if they contributed to its upkeep, the mortgage or renovations. Absent a clear agreement about who owns what, determining how to divide the property fairly can be very challenging.
  • Disagreements about valuation: Establishing the true value of a couple’s real estate holdings can be hard, but it is essential for an equitable division. This is particularly true when the property generates an income, as is common with rental property and Airbnbs.
  • Debts, liabilities and taxes: Dividing real estate can have significant tax consequences, and there may be mortgages and other loans against properties that have to be settled.

The complications are compounded when there are multiple houses to consider, including vacation homes, hunting cabins and undeveloped land.

Call Today To Discuss Your Real Estate Options In Divorce

When you are faced with the difficult prospect of dividing real estate holdings in a divorce, you need experienced legal guidance. Call Beroes Law Center at 412-621-6811 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation in depth. We handle all family law concerns in a Pennsylvania divorce, including post-divorce estate planning.