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We Are An Inclusive Team. Call Us Instead Of Worrying.

Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, and Shanice Williams
Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, Shanice Williams

Why Create A Prenuptial Agreement?

Transparent communication in any relationship is vital to the lifecycle of that relationship. Couples committing to marriage and cohabitation are especially vulnerable to misunderstandings having dire consequences for their long-term financial well-being.

Sometimes, couples shy away from creating a prenuptial agreement because they are not anticipating divorce or separation at this point in their lives. They feel that creating this type of legal document could cast a shadow of distrust in their relationship. At Beroes Law Center, we understand but disagree with this mindset. Our counselors at law believe in fostering healthy, long-term relationships and find that prenups are helpful to couples.

We partner with our clients to help them understand that creating a prenuptial, post-marital or cohabitation agreement can be the mark of a mature relationship for couples willing to set boundaries on what matters most to them now and in the future.

Is My Prenup Unconscionable?

Prenups are not set in stone, especially when the agreement may contain terms limiting child custody payment or performing activities within the relationship that are degrading.

If your partner hands you a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement and asks you to sign it before proceeding with your relationship, it is best to have an experienced family law attorney review the terms of your agreement. You have a right to seek separate counsel to review the terms. You also have the right to strike terms, make modifications or not sign it.

Prenuptial, post-marital or cohabitation agreements can include a wide range of terms, including, but not limited to:

If you were forced to sign a prenuptial agreement or there were terms on it that you did not fully understand, you may have an unconscionable and unenforceable prenup. Our legal team is here to help create, modify or review your prenuptial or cohabitation agreement.

Reach Out Now For Help With Your Prenuptial, Post-Marital Or Cohabitation Agreement

Do not let fear or embarrassment stop you from doing what is right for you and your future. Call Beroes Law Center for an appointment to discuss the pros and cons of having a prenuptial agreement with an experienced family law attorney. We think you will find there are more pros and almost no cons. Send an email or call our office in Pittsburgh at 412-621-6811.