We Are An Inclusive Team.
Call Us Instead Of Worrying.

We Are An Inclusive Team. Call Us Instead Of Worrying.

Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, and Shanice Williams
Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, Shanice Williams

Legal Help For Your Family Estate Dispute

Family disputes over estates can be distressing. You may already be having a difficult time emotionally with the loss of your loved one and dealing with the conflict with the rest of your family can be overwhelming.

Pennsylvania family estate disputes often arise over the distribution of your loved one’s assets. Disgruntled heirs or beneficiaries might think they should have received property or a valuable item and did not. Estate disputes can encompass disagreements over the terms of a will or trust. Conflict may involve more complex situations when questions of the fiduciary’s integrity or lack of due diligence come into focus.

Misunderstandings can result in confusion, fear and mistrust for decades. Contesting a will or trust and probate litigation may be the next best step to resolve these feuds. At Beroes Law Center, we understand how family estate disputes can wreck family relationships. We are here to alleviate your stressful burden and help you with untangling the threads of discord. Speak with us soon about your probate or estate administration circumstances.

Estate Planning To Avoid Family Disputes

At Beroes Law Center, we frequently work with families whose loved ones did not have a will or a trust. Uncertainty over who gets what and who should get what is regulated by Pennsylvania’s intestate laws. Intestate laws determine the order of distribution for your loved one’s assets, taking into account surviving spouse and minor children first among those to lawfully inherit.

We find that families discover that they need to get their affairs in order – either by updating their current estate plan or establishing a new one – to avoid the chaos of not having an estate plan. We can help you with that.

Contesting A Will? Time Is Of The Essence, Call Us Now.

Once an existing will is lodged with the court and the Letters of Testimony and Letters of Administration are issued for an estate, family members and other interested parties have up to a year to contest a will. If you wait too long, the statute of limitations will run, and you might not be able to voice your concerns about the terms of your loved one’s will. Exceptions may apply. Call Beroes Law Center at 412-621-6811 in Pittsburgh to make arrangements for a free consultation to discuss your situation with an experienced, compassionate lawyer who will aggressively represent your best interests. You can also send us an online inquiry for an appointment.