We Are An Inclusive Team.
Call Us Instead Of Worrying.

We Are An Inclusive Team. Call Us Instead Of Worrying.

Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, and Shanice Williams
Stephen Beroes, Elizabeth A. Beroes, Julie Elizabeth Beroes, Shanice Williams

Safeguard Your Family’s Legacy

Protecting your generational wealth can mean many things. Perhaps you have just become the head of your family’s multigeneration business and want to be sure you take this responsibility with all due diligence and utmost respect for those who came before you. On the other hand, you may be the first one in your family to make it where you are in life. You might want to protect your family’s future financial stability for generations to come. In either case, you need to commit to a plan. You need to plan for contingencies, and identify those around you who are trustworthy agents or representatives to implement your wishes for protecting and eventually distributing to the next generation your valuable assets and property including:

  • Antique art collectibles
  • Classic car collection
  • Securities
  • Pennsylvania and out of state real estate
  • Family business

At Beroes Law Center, our experienced lawyers can assist you with identifying and creating the type of legacy that is most meaningful to you.

There Is No Predicting The Future With Certainty But You Can Plan

No one knows for certain how the future will unfold in Pennsylvania. But not creating a plan can become a blueprint for family chaos in your absence. Some of the ways our legal team at Beroes Law Center can help you fortify peace of mind that you have done everything in your power to protect your generational wealth includes creating legal instruments such as:

  • Revocable or irrevocable trusts
  • Educational trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Spendthrift trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Pet trusts

We can also assist you with business succession planning. Depending on the type of business or businesses you are running – a partnership, limited liability company, corporation – do you have a plan for what happens to your employees if you suddenly lose the capacity to operate your business or die? Let us help you answer these types of critical questions so you can sleep better at night.

At Beroes Law Center, Our Legacy Is Compassionate Advocacy. Contact Us Today.

Time flies and the years cascade into decades faster than you may realize. We encourage you to call us soon for a free consultation to confidentially discuss the various routes you can explore to establish an effective way to provide for your family’s stable financial future. Call our office in Pittsburgh at 412-621-6811 or send us an online inquiry to make arrangements for a meeting with our knowledgeable estate planning professionals.